The girl is back in town!!!

After the absence, Out in little stars returns with new stuff.

Well, it’s been a while.

But I promise you all, I haven’t been sitting idle!

First of all, sure you have notice there’s a change in the place. That’s because I’ve finally decided to move from blogger to wordpress, and why yes, it does take a bit to do so. (But I personally like the change, what do you think?)

Second, I’ve started a novel! So far it is only in spanish, but it might also get an english version. It’s takes place in the 10th Century, during the Viking invasions of Galicia (in current day Spain), and it’s titled La hija de Jacob. If you click on the book cover on the sidebar, it shall take you to the place where to read it. I shall be posting stuff related to the process of writing this book, and also videos related to it.

Third, I’m not forgetting that this is a blog for things aside from promoing my book, so I’m also starting two series of articles.

The first is My favourite movies. I have discovered that a massive amount of them either happen to be costume dramas or movies with a semblance of history, so that fits tremendously well in this blog.

The second one is My favourite versions of my favourite Shakespeare characters. Because  yes, I have favourites, and I have favourites among the favourites. Be it because they are close to what imagine the character should be (with some things, give or take, because no one’s perfect), or because they influenced my view of the character even before I got to read the play, they are part of my selection.

It definitely feels good to be back, and I hope you like what I have in store for you!


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