Let’s make a podcast (1): Choosing the story and the style

(Image from Futurelearn.com)

Welcome to a look at the process behind creating the new project of Out in Little Stars: A podcast!

So yep.

I’m making a podcast.

Why? You ask.

Well, might be that the course I’ve recently taken in FutureLearn* in partnership with the University of Wollongong titled The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling has helped me decide take the leap. Though I have to admit that  the idea behind the podcast was an idea that I’ve been having for a long while.

In fact, it was the story that would have originally opened the Youtube Channel, though not in podcast format, but in webseries. Yep, things, as always, do not go as expected, and I had the screenplays shelved until now. (When I had to turn them into radioplays technically, but you get the gist of the thing.)

But, as you can imagine, it has to do with Shakespeare. It has to do with his heroines, to be more precise. Because they fascinate me to no end, and I want more of them, I started to imagine “deleted scenes” of sorts, in which they would give their opinions on what was happening in the plays, and explore more of their rich, but in some cases, barely hinted at, inner lives.

The heroine chosen for this first season has to do with the title of this blog. Why yes, that would be Juliet, one of the most famous and, IMHO, most misunderstood heroines of Shakespeare. I have very strong opinions on her (but then again, I have very strong opinions on Shakespeare in general, so that was obvious), and I’ll share them with you all in the many posts that shall accompany the podcast.

You can guess that the style is pretty much going to follow those of radio and podcast fiction. Probably my greatest influence, differences aside, is going to be Welcome to Night Vale, as I have always been a huge fan of it and I hope to give the same feeling of being close and near the listener that it is given in that podcast.

Episode one shall be up soon, and I hope you guys enjoy it !

(*Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with Futurelearn or the University of Wollongong in any other capacity than that of a user/student, and thus I do not receive any money from either of them for this post)

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