Folklore Thursday: The Scottish Play (You know which one)

For Folklore Thursday, here is a short post on one superstition regarding one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am superstitious. But very superstitious.

Even for a theatre person.

Of course, being an absolute Shakespeare nerd, one of the superstitious that terrify me the most is the one regarding The Scottish Play. You know, the one with witches, and moving forests, and kings and all that.

No, I’m not going to say the name. You already know the one I mean.

There are many things that have happened related to this that make me suspicious. Deaths, accidents, and all around nasty stuff.

I love that play, don’t get me wrong. But better safe than sorry, so if I ever take part in a production of it, I’ll make sure to be protected enough.

If you want to say it, though, you are free to do so.

Just do it away from me, please.

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