Film Friday:A (mini) fancast of Shakespeare’s King John

Welcome to this little exercise regarding one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.

It is no secret that I love, love, love Shakespeare’s Histories.

What might be a little unknown is that King John might be one of my favourite plays of good ole Will. To the point that I decided to try a little exercise in fancasting a potential film version (There’s no film adaptation of King John that I know of, btw).

A fancast is, to put it plainly, to imagine actors in roles and, to be honest, that’s something I’ve done with a lot of Shakespeare’s plays.

Here are at least some of the characters, so here we go (descriptions taken from the Arden Version):

KING JOHN, of England: Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott (IMDB)

Queen ELEANOR, Queen Mother of England, mother to King John: Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren (IMDB)

PRINCE HENRY, son to King John, afterwards sucessor to his father as Henry III: Charlie Vickers

Charlie Vickers (IMDB)

BLANCHE of Castille, niece to King John: Ingrid García-Johnsson

Ingrid García-Johnsson (IMDB)

CONSTANCE, Mother to Arthur: Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman (IMDB)

ARTHUR, Duke of Brittany, nephew to King John and rival to the English Throne: Angus Imrie

Angus Imrie (IMDB)

PHILIP the BASTARD (also known as Richard Plantagenet), half brother to Robert Fauconbridge: James Norton

James Norton (IMDB)

KING PHILIP, of France: Benoît Magimel

Benoît Magimel (IMDB)

Lewis, the DAUPHIN, son to King Philip: Ben Hardy

Ben Hardy (IMDB)

While there are a few roles left to fancast, I think I left a lot covered here. What do you think about the cast? Any suggestions for the ones left?

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