Let’s make a podcast (2): Starting to put the pieces together (in the order you need them)

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Continuing with our podcast process, let’s see a bit behind the process previous to writing the radioplays.

So, we decided to start a podcast.

What do we need? Radioplays!

How do we make them? Researching the text!

And for the research of the text, the most important thing here is that we’ve got to see the many times our character (Juliet in this case), appears in the play. So here we go:

  • Act I, Scene 3- Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she is going to marry Paris.
  • Act I, Scene 5- The Masked Ball
  • Act II, Scene 2- Balcony Scene
  • Act II, Scene 5- Juliet tells the Nurse her plans to marry Romeo
  • Act II, Scene 6- Wedding Scene
  • Act III, Scene 2- Juliet is told about Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s exile. The Nurse promises to find Romeo.
  • Act III, Scene 5- Romeo and Juliet together. Consummation is implied but obvious. Conflict with her parents. She asks them to delay her wedding to Paris but they pay no attention and get angry. They go, the Nurse tries to convince her and Juliet acts as if she had done it.
  • Act IV, Scene 1- Meets Paris, who thinks she grieves over Tybalt. Meets with Friar Lawrence, he gives her the vial and the instructions.
  • Act IV, Scene 2- Meets with her father, tells him she has agreed to the marriage. Capulet gets super happy and decides to make it happen sooner. Juliet goes to her chambers.
  • Act IV, Scene 3- Juliet sends her mother away and drinks the vial.

There is also the scene where she wakes up after Romeo’s death, but some of the things that I had already clear is that I had to end it with her drinking the vial, because it is the perfect note of both despair, but also hope.

Besides, we all know how things end for her (Yeah not well).

Also, even if originally I had five episodes planned, of ten minutes each, next week, we’ll see if I keep to my original idea.

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