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Disclaimer: Unless exceptions(1), this site or its owner do not make any claim for images or video featured on this site. Said content is included here for criticism, comment, and news reporting purposes under fair use and the «derecho de cita.»

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(1) In this case are included:

  • The video linked from the Youtube Channel out of the same name of this blog
  • The images that include the logo of this site (2)
  • Any personal image/video taken by the owner of this site and uploaded here.
  • Any image related to the series of novels La hija de Jacob (3)

(2) Some considerations regarding the logo and subsecquent images:

  • The image was taken by the owner of this site
  • It was later manipulated via the online editor pixlr
  • The font used in the logo, videos, and the subsecquent images, is the Il Shake Fest font by the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, of 100% free use.

(3) Some considerations regarding the images and cover pages of the series of novels:

  • The images were taken from Wikimedia Commons and checked for copyright, and they were in public domain.
  • They were later manipulated via the online editor pixlr
  • The font used in the cover pages and the trailer/videos was the Isabella font in the public domain.
  • The second font used in the trailer/videos was Timeless, of 100% free use.

On the matter of comments:

  • Every comment will go through previous moderation before its posting.
  • Still, neither the site nor its owner are responsible of the opinions reflected in said comments.
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