FAQs (English version)

Why Out in little stars?

Because 1. I love Shakespeare. 2. Romeo and Juliet is a play that definitely needs to be reclaimed far from a lot of the readings that have been done about it (Not an epic love story, but not a story about two horny and stupid teenagers either. One of these days I’ll write a post about it.)

But Romeo and Juliet sucks?

*Shrugs* Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

Is this exclusively a Shakespeare blog?

Not really, though Shakespeare and his work shall feature in great quantities. You’ll find costume dramas, theatre of all kind, poetry, and my experiences in a variety of topics, from costuming to language learning.

You said you have a book too, where can I buy it?

No need to offer cash for it, my friends (At least not yet). It’s so far for free at the social network megustaescribir. There, I am posting it by chapters, so think of me as a modern day Victor Hugo (only not writing thousands of words about the Parisian sewer systems).

How can I see exclusively the content in English?

In the upper menu, look for “Languages/Idiomas”, hover the mouse over that category, and you will get the options “English” and “Español”.You only have to click on English and you’ll get all the posts in that language.

Note: Since September2019, outinlittlestars has a new system to access the posts from the homepage, in which you can access the posts in english or spanish from there.

My question is not listed here.

Then go to contact and ask, my friend. I shall reply to it as soon as possible.